Elegant Products || (Minority-Owned Business) is a leading importer and distributor of saffron to several retail customers' located throughout the USA, since May 1995.

Elegant products growth is a result of our customers' trust in its commitment to provide the highest Quality at the modest market price.

Elegant products procures an exceptional quality of saffron >=220 coloring power for our five-star restaurants and merchandisers who desire to have the superb or the very best quality of saffron. When you Serve paella, Serve the Best quality paella. No one should compromise with ingredients to make quality paella

We can supply you Superb Premium Quality of Coupe Spanish Saffron and Mongra(Kashmir, india) Saffron for your restaurant for PAELLA @$3.10 per gram which is competitive price compare to all Us Companies

Saffron is certainly, the most expensive spices in the world but it will be too expensive to buy tinted interior or fake saffron, is often inexpensive. However,Mongra saffron, 1/8 of a gram is enough to sublimate a dish for five people.

We always insist on educating our customer about the coloring power of saffron, and that is the reason we label the coloring power of saffron on our saffron packages.The best quality of saffron is currently imported into the USA from Kashmir, india, and Spain .

Reference : Mongra(Kashmiri) Saffron

  • Absolute 100 % Pure Mongra saffron from Kashmir, india
  • Top Quality Saffron With Competitive Prices
  • Extra long Cut and thick filaments that expands even further on soaking or steeping.
  • All Saffron Filaments are a deep dark maroon color with No Yellow Filaments.
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